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Get Droplr's easy file, screenshot, and text sharing on Windows with windroplr

Windows users might not be familiar with Droplr -- it's a drag-to-upload sharing program for Mac and very similar to CloudApp. And like CloudApp, there's no official Windows version.

Enter windroplr from developer Bruno Carvalho, which brings Droplr's simple sharing kung fu to your Windows desktop. To upload a file, simply drag it onto the floating gray dropzone. Once the system tray icon goes completely purple, your upload is done and a notification balloon appears with the short URL to your file. One advantage Droplr (and windroplr) have over CloudApp (and FluffyApp) is that the URL are about as short as they can get.

By right-clicking the WinDroplr tray icon, you can also quickly capture and upload a region of your screen. There's also a text option which supports plain text, markdown, or code -- the difference being how the text is displayed by Droplr when someone clicks your link. To show or hide the drop zone, just left-click on the windroplr tray icon.

windroplr uses your Twitter credentials to log you in -- though your password is discarded after the first use. It's only used to acquire a token from Droplr and an API key from Twitter. About the only thing I'd change is adding an option to drag directly to the system tray icon instead of displaying the floating dropzone -- apart from that minor niggle, windroplr is a great little app.

Download winroplr (.NET Framework 4.0 is required)

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