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Tumblr apps for iPhone and Android get revamped Dashboard

new Tumblr app for iPhoneTumblr has told Mashable that its mobile applications for iPhone and Android have received an update that overhauls their Dashboard functionality. The updated apps are set to go live today in the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

The mobile apps now have the complete functionality of the Web-based Tumblr Dashboard built in. The new Dashboard seamlessly presents users with photos, galleries, links, audio and video content, making browsing through the Dashboard a very enjoyable experience.

Tumblr's native features, such as reblogging, answering posts or replying, are all included as well. As are speed improvements that make the apps faster than ever to load and use.

These updates will make their way into Tumblr's BlackBerry app in the future.

Tumblr [iTunes link]

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