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Four places to find great online deals for computer e-books


For programmers and other nerds, reading computer books is kind of like eating your greens: it's often no fun, but it is important.

If you code for a living, you may already have a corporate subscription to Safari Books Online. But even with the incredible selection you can find on Safari Books, it's not always convenient to have to be online while reading. Granted, you can download some of the books, but downloading requires "tokens" – it's not exactly free.

So for the rest of us who don't have an unlimited Safari Books subscription or who like to read offline every now and then, here are four excellent places for daily deals on computer e-books:

  • Daily Deal – Apress offers a single computer book for $10 every day. Each deal is valid for 24 hours, and the $10 price is an incredible discount. For example, as I write this, they're offering Pro .NET 4 Parallel Programming in C# for $10. The MSRP for that book is $59.99 – so that's a $50 discount. That's not too shabby! (By the time this post is published, this deal might have expired. It's just an example, though – there's a new book every day.)
  • InformIT $9.99 eBook Deal of the Day – This is similar to Apress, but it offers different books. You can get a single book for $10, and it changes daily. Today's offering is Presentation Patterns, which apparently isn't out in dead-tree form yet. So you get a great price and early availability.
  • Que Publishing – You'll find much the same deal here: one book per day, $10 per book. Today's offering is Microsoft Windows 7 In Depth, which was published in August 2009.
  • O'Reilly's One Day Only – Of course, O'Reilly offers a similar service of its own, and it's excellent. In fact, it's the only one out of the four listed options that has an RSS feed! O'Reilly features all sorts of daily deals, not just "one book for $10." Today, the offer is for 8 Microsoft-related books, each for 50% off, in celebration of Microsoft's PDC10.

Do you know of any other great sources for cheap, legit computer e-books? Let me know in the comments!

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