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Twitter for Android becomes faster and more polished

Twitter for Android updateTwitter has just announced an update to its official app for Android. The main focus of this update is making the app faster, more polished, and easier to use. Several new features have been added to reach these goals.

Let's take them one by one. A new 'tweet details page' is available by simply tapping on a tweet. This page makes it easier to click on links or reply, retweet, favorite or share a tweet. 'Swipe to reveal' also gives you a quick way of performing actions on a tweet -- by swiping across a tweet you get quick access to replying, sharing the tweet or viewing the user's profile (as seen in the image to the right).

'Pull to refresh' does exactly what its name implies -- when you're at the top of any timeline, pulling down initiates a refresh. 'Quote a tweet' is another self-explanatory new feature, which allows you to do 'old-style retweets', albeit with a little work since you'll have to manually add "RT" and get rid of a pair of quotation marks. When you hit 'retweet' a new options menu pops up, and there you can choose either the new-style retweet or to 'quote a tweet'.

The app is now also faster than ever, featuring speed improvements for loading and scrolling timelines. Higher resolution avatar photos are also supported. The new Twitter app for Android works on Android 2.1 and newer and is available now in the Android Market.

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