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Skyfire browser pulled from App Store due to high demand

Skyfire, the iOS browser that landed in the iPhone store yesterday, has already been removed from the store. It's not because Skyfire violated any of Apple's policies, though -- it's because it was too popular. The browser hit #1 on the App Store's top grossing apps list within five hours of becoming available. The unexpected volume of downloads hammered Skyfire's server capacity and bandwidth, causing the developers to pull it from the store until they can build more capacity. Essentially, the app has sold out.

How can a browser max out its developer's servers? Well, Skyfire's main selling point is that it allows users to watch Flash video by transcoding it and delivering it in an iPhone-friendly format. The server space required to store those videos while Skyfire works this transcoding magic, and the bandwidth required to upload and download the videos, is what's causing the drain on Skyfire's resources. If there was any doubt that a large number of iOS users want Flash video, this goes a long way toward putting it to rest.

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