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MapCrunch lets you teleport to random and interesting Street View locations


Did you know that there's Street View in Antarctica? I had no idea until MapCrunch showed me!

You know those websites that show you large panoramas of all sorts of interesting places? MapCrunch takes Google's Street View and nimbly converts it into just such a website.

All you have to do is hit the large green button labeled Go!, and MapCrunch instantly updates the large Street View display with a striking image of some distant location. You can now use Street View's options to check out the view, pan, zoom, or continue along the scenic country path you just found yourself on.

A small Google Maps widget in the bottom-right corner shows you where you are on the globe. You can also make things a bit less random; there's a list of continents and countries that you can use to narrow down the search. So if you just want to see images from Norway, click Norway and then click Go!

If the whole thing feels a bit too pastoral and woodsy, you can check the box that says No country roads (beta), and you'll be instantly transported to highways and urban concrete jungles. It's too bad that there isn't a counter-option that would allow you to stick to just country roads. Still, it's definitely a fun experiment!

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