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Grooveshark 1.2 for webOS adds background playback controls, shuffle mode, more

Grooveshark is one of my most-used webOS apps, and the recent 1.2 update makes an already good app even better. The most prominent addition is the notification area player controls, which allow you to command Grooveshark as it plays in the background -- just like the built-in webOS player.

There's also a new shuffle mode for random enjoyment of your playlists, and Grooveshark 1.2 has also added an adaptive bitrate feature. If you happen to move into an area with poor reception, the player will automatically switch to a lower bitrate so you can keep enjoying your streaming music -- even if it doesn't sound quite as good.

Grooveshark's search feature has been improved as well and now offers filtering for easier track selection. Found a song you want to hear right after the current track finishes? Grooveshark 1.2 now has a "play next" feature for doing just that!

As always, the app itself is free but you'll need to have a Grooveshark Pro subscription to utilize it on your Pre, Plus, or Pixi. At $3 a month, though, it's not a tough pill to swallow.

[via PreCentral]

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