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Internet Explorer 9 market share surges forward, grows faster than Chrome

Internet Explorer 9 beta, faster than Chrome
It's the first of November, and bang on schedule the official Internet Explorer blog has published updated market share figures for October. The main stand-out figure comes from Net Applications: 1.46% of Windows 7 users are now using Internet Explorer 9.

These are small figures percentage-wise, but in comparison to other beta browsers, such as Chrome 8 and 9 (Canary), Internet Explorer 9 is in the lead by some margin. If you take a look down the table, you'll notice that Firefox 4 also has more beta users than Chrome.

Worldwide, IE9's market share gained by 0.21%, up to 0.32%. Chrome, across all four (!) of its public versions, only grew by 0.19%. We foresee big marketing campaigns from both Google and Microsoft in our immediate future...

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