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Hotmail makes using your existing email address easier than ever

Microsoft has been cramming tons of useful new features into Hotmail this year, and the venerable webmail app is looking better than ever. Today, Microsoft has announced the arrival of another new feature -- one that is squarely aimed at encouraging new users to give Hotmail a try.

One big thing which prevents users from making the switch to a new mail provider is the fact that they've already got an address -- and an address book full of people who know it. You can already register a Windows Live ID with your trusty old email address, and now Hotmail makes it even easier to use that address on the Web.

While most webamail apps like Gmail and Hotmail can be configured to handle existing mail accounts, it's not something the average user is aware of. If you do make the switch, don't forget about this handy tool which can set Hotmail as your default Windows email program.

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