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Half of all companies will continue to use Windows XP after it retires in 2014

Windows XP IT adoptionAccording to a shocking report, 48% of IT administrators intend to continue running Windows XP after Microsoft officially retires it in 2014. The "IT [sector] just really, really likes the XP operating system," says Diane Hagglund, a senior analyst at Dimensional Research, reporting on the findings of a survey of 950 IT professionals. "They say it's just that good, and don't want to mess with it."

Windows XP might be really good, but its retirement in April 2014 means that it will no longer be supported by Microsoft -- there will be no more security fixes. That almost half of the IT sector intends to keep Windows XP installed -- it will be 13 years old in 2014! -- can only be indicative of two things: either Windows XP really is is that good, or IT professionals are lazy.

In other news, 6% of companies have now rolled out Windows 7, as opposed to only 1% back in January. "What's really interesting here is that if you look at the numbers, they've almost exactly adopted according to plan," said Hagglund. "That's a real indicator that Windows 7 migration is going well." With almost a quarter billion copies sold in the first 12 months, and the biggest market segment -- the workplace -- about to roll over, 2011 is looking good for Microsoft.

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