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YouTube tip: Use the context menu for copying the embed code, and more


Here's a little tidbit which was new to a few of us on the Download Squad team... When you right-click a YouTube video, there are site-specific options in addition to the Flash defaults! Some of you may be face-palming right now, so if you already know about this, feel free to move on with your life.

If you don't, definitely file this under "good to know": By default, the Flash context menu is very generic. I mean, try right-clicking on one of our Time Wasters and you'll see. The default context menu just lets you zoom in, control the quality, access Flash settings, and do some other very generic and boring operations. But the YouTube menu lets you perform a whole bunch of additional actions, such as accessing the Speed Test page, stop downloading the video (useful when the video is embedded in an RSS feed), and displaying video info.

Incidentally, Vimeo has a similar menu -- which also lets you turn HD on and off, as well as do a few other things the YouTube menu doesn't allow, such as looping the video.

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