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Firefox 4 maxes out SunSpider benchmark

SunSpider JavaScript benchmark chart
Asa Dotzler, not content with graphing the total run-time of the SunSpider benchmark, has provided a beautiful chart that breaks down the JavaScript performance of Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Take a look at it above, or click through to see a larger version. Internet Explorer 8 is missing because it was too slow -- and IE9 is missing because the test machine ran Windows XP, but Asa says he will follow up with same test on Windows 7.

Looking at the chart, you will probably come to the same conclusion as him: JavaScript performance, at least as measured by SunSpider, has plateaued. With just one hundredth of a second between Opera, Firefox and Chrome, it really is time for SunSpider to take a bow and exit stage left. Or -- and this is Mozilla's preference -- it's not about how fast the engine is -- it's really about how you use it.

Fortunately there's a rigorous and more 'modern' test in the form of Google's V8 benchmark, and Mozilla's Kraken benchmark promises to provide more 'real world application' statistics. If you're wondering, Google Chrome currently leads the V8 benchmark, and Mozilla Firefox leads the Kraken benchmark. No surprises there, really.

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