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The Linux credit card -- with Tux on the front and everything

I couldn't make this up if I tried: The Linux Foundation is offering a platinum rewards Visa credit card. There is no annual fee, a low introductory APR -- in fact, it's a normal credit card with Tux on the front.

Every purchase you make with the Linux credit card will kick back a percentage to the Linux Foundation. The Foundation also gets $50 for every activation! In the words of the Foundation, this card is for "those who want to support the Linux Foundation's activities while expressing their commitment to Linux. The Linux credit card is an easy way for anyone to contribute to the growth of Linux and identify themselves as supporters of the community by carrying Tux in their pocket."

Unfortunately it's for U.S citizens only, otherwise I'd sign up right now! If you're going to rack up credit, why not do it in a way that benefits the most important software movement of the last 20 years? Why don't more charities have credit cards...?

[via Hacker News]

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