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Is it raining in ... helps you answer one simple question


For a Web 2.0 application, Is it raining in ... follows the book pretty closely. It is:

  • Minimalistic: This thing couldn't possibly be more bare-bones. There isn't a single image on the page.
  • Simple: Just go to and type a city's name. It will try to figure out the country on its own.
  • Nerd-friendly: The app URL format is very friendly, obviously meant to be used right from the browser without going through the main page first. For example,

And for all those reasons, I love it. It doesn't let you see just precipitation information, either; you can see the local time at the destination, a general description of the weather ("partly cloudy", etc), as well as the temperature.

The one Web 2.0 trend the developer bucked was omitting vowels from the URL, and I'm grateful for that. I wouldn't want to use or some other annoying variation on that theme. The existing URL is pretty much ideal, if you ask me.

The service seems to be supported through a thin line of Google text ads at the bottom. That's fairly unobtrusive. All in all, definitely one for the toolbox.

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