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CCleaner version 3 goes 64-bit, adds secure disk wipe, Windows 7 integration

When it comes to system cleanup programs, CCleaner is pretty much the hands-down favorite with Download Squad readers. It's been a trusted tool for years, and the newly-released CCleaner 3 is better than ever.

What's new in v3? To start, there's now a native 64-bit version in both the installer and portable CCleaner. Windows 7 users also get the benefit of a handy jump list, which offers quick access to the cleaner, registry scanner, tools, and options pages. There's also a new disk wiping tool included which supports DOD, NSA, and Gutmann standards.

CCleaner 3 has improved support for Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome, and Silverlight. Perhaps the app's best new feature is support for HTML5 localStorage objects -- which many websites are now using to store persistent user data.

Download CCleaner 3 Portable or Slim (full version includes a toolbar installer)

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