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Free Microsoft Office alternative Lotus Symphony hits version 3

You may not have heard of Lotus Symphony before -- IBM's OpenOffice remix doesn't grab too many headlines. It is, however, a very capable alternative to Oracle's free offering and Microsoft Office.

Recently, IBM announced the release of Symphony version 3, and the new release is packed with useful updates. One of the most noticeable changes is the new menu sidebars, which are an excellent fit for widescreen monitors. The new menus are customizable, and provide quick access to text formatting, clip art, and a document navigator. Sections can be collapsed, and the whole sidebar can be hidden with a single click.

Symphony 3 sports numerous other enhancements as well -- from enhanced PDF support and a new clip art gallery, to multi-monitor support in Lotus Presentations. Symphony's tabbed interface is still present, and remains one of its best features.

Lotus Symphony 3 is a free download from IBM, and is definitely worth a test drive if you're searching for a free replacement for Microsoft Office.

[via The H]

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