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Statistics show European Microsoft Windows browser ballot screen to be useless

Browser ballot screen numbers

The browser ballot screen that Windows users in the EU have started to see since March, which was supposed to lessen the monopolistic stronghold that Internet Explorer has on browser market share, has proved to be quite useless. New data shows that the differences in browser use trends between the EU and the world from January to October are within the error margin. This is despite Opera's past claims that the browser ballot screen at one point made downloads of its browser in the EU skyrocket.

Let's take a look at the numbers (seen in the table above). IE use dropped 5.25% in Europe between January and October, and 5.92% worldwide. Firefox market share went down 1.23% in Europe and 0.14% worldwide. Chrome jumped 6.4% in Europe and 6.24% worldwide. Safari went up 0.05% in Europe and 0.8% worldwide. And so on.

Now that we've established that the browser ballot screen has done nothing to shift browser choice in Europe compared to the rest of the world, let's look at the numbers another way. IE kept dropping, which is to be expected, but Firefox market share went down too, interestingly. Chrome seems to emerge as the overall winner in the race to gain market share this year, regardless of whether you look at the numbers for Europe, North America or the whole world. Its growth percentage varies, but is still the strongest in all cases.

The stats used are from the StatCounter website.

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