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Myspace rolls out latest redesign, with cleaner look and more sharing options

Myspace is taking one more shot at revamping its image, introducing yet another new design. We reported that the social networking site got a new look for its profile pages back in July, but now the entire site is getting a makeover. Even the logo is new: the word "My" followed by a big blank underline. The new logo has gotten a cold reception thus far, being compared by some to the time Prince changed his name to an unpronouncable symbol. Tech blog All Things D even referred to it as "My-Fill-In-The-Blank-Space" in a headline.

Apart from the controversial logo, Myspace's new grid-centric look features content in a series of discrete boxes, giving it a cleaner and more modern feel than its previous incarnations. Myspace designers have also distanced themselves from the blue-heavy design of the past and gone with a sleeker black look. T he site has come a long way from the disgusting mess of glittery animated gifs and visual noise that it once was, but it still features plenty of tickers and scroll doodads that make it more distracting than the A-list social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Functionally, Myspace has added more interaction with other networks, letting you pull in links from several other social sites, and share out to Facebook. Music sharing for bands -- MySpace's bread and butter -- is also getting improvements, including making it easier to share MySpace music and videos on other sites. Smartphone users will also be getting new MySpace apps soon, as well as a better mobile-optimized version of the site. In the past, MySpace was notorious for its incompatibility with mobile browsers.

All in all, Myspace's reboot is a dramatic improvement -- except for that logo, depending on who you ask -- but it remains to be seen whether it can divorce itself from its old image and start attracting new users again.

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