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Flickr now imports Facebook friends, suggests users you may know

Flickr Facebook contacts import

Flickr has added a couple of new features today. People You May Know is a rather self-explanatory tool that suggests friends for you based on your existing contacts and the people they know. This feature now appears on the Find Your Friends page, but also has a module on the Flickr homepage. You can categorize people as a friend, family, or contact right within the module. To have new suggestions shown, just dismiss those who aren't interesting to you and new ones will pop up.

Don't want yourself showing up in other people's suggestions? Just make sure your profile is hidden from public searches (there's a setting for that) -- as that toggle also controls this ability.

You can also import contacts from Facebook now. The option checks which of your Facebook friends have a Flickr account and joins similar tools made for importing from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

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