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New Facebook app for BlackBerry enters beta

Facebook for BlackBerry searchA new version of the Facebook app for BlackBerry is now available from BlackBerry Beta Zone. This is version 1.9, and it brings loads of new features to enhance your Facebook experience on BlackBerry OS devices.

First off, there's now a dedicated inbox for Facebook messages. This inbox syncs with the Web-based Facebook inbox in real-time, including read states. And if you want to, you can integrate it into the BlackBerry inbox as well.

Search functionality has also been enhanced. You can now search for people and pages from within the app. Depending on privacy settings, you can view mutual friends, enlarge people's pictures, 'Like" pages, and send friend requests all from the search results.

And if your device runs BlackBerry OS 6, Facebook search is now integrated into Universal Search. So if you enter a search query into your BlackBerry's Universal Search box, you'll also get search results from Facebook.

The design of the app has also been updated to accompany the new features, and there's an updated navigation bar that allows you to view your profile.

The final release of this app will also include support for Facebook Places and additional UI tweaks. Facebook Chat will be added in a future version.

The beta version is now available for a limited number of people who sign up for testing it here.

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