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iPhone bug lets anyone easily bypass the lock screen to look at your photos

iPhone holding it wrong (thanks, Gizmodo)Bad news: if you own an iPhone 4, be careful -- bypassing your lock screen is simply a matter of hitting "emergency call," dialling "###," presssing the call button, then immediately pressing the lock button. Voilá -- one cracked iPhone. After the break, there's a video of some Spanish Portuguese-speaking guy showing you how to carry out the exploit.

This bug, which will surely cause a cascade of clenching and face palming across the world -- or at least the portions of the world that can afford iPhones -- seems to only affect the iPhone 4, or the 3GS with iOS 4.1 installed. Apple hasn't commented yet, so we only have the comment threads of Neowin and Wired to work with, and the reports are mixed. It looks like the bug does not allow the running of applications, but it does allow full access to your address book, call history, and photo album.

No doubt this will develop (or blow up) throughout the day, and we'll be sure to bring you any updates as they happen.

Image courtesy Gizmodo

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