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Google Docs gets new chart editor and some new chart types

Google Docs new chart editor

A new chart editor is now available for the spreadsheet tool inside Google Docs, along with some new chart types to choose from.

The most noteworthy feature additions to the chart editor are that it now automatically recommends chart types based on the data, matches data labels and headers, automatically selects colors, gives you more control over imagery, has advanced visualizations and a full size preview pane -- and gives you the ability to embed dynamically updating charts across the Web.

New chart types include annotated timelines, organizational charts, gauges, and a motion chart. Existing charts have received a makeover, and they should now have a more professional look and feel, complete with new colors, an improved layout and more customization options.

The new chart editor can be taken for a spin by going to You can learn more about it by going through these help articles. A demo video is available after the break.

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