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Breaking: LimeWire P2P network shut down by RIAA

LimeWire squeezed by RIAAThe New York District Court, at the request of the RIAA, has forced LimeWire to shut down its network and cease distributing its software. TorrentFreak has the full story, and updates will surely follow as more data becomes available.

That a U.S. federal judge would finally grant RIAA's request comes as a numbing shock to the system. Perhaps the RIAA simply drew the right judge -- this is the same Judge Kimba Wood that found LimeWire guilty of copyright infringement back in May -- or maybe the lawsuit just snowballed in gravitas until it became unignorable.

For those of you that use BitTorrent, you might be surprised to hear that LimeWire is still most-installed P2P application with a market share of 37% -- uTorrent, by far the largest BitTorrent client, only has a 14% market share. If LimeWire really has been shut down -- and stays down -- this could affect the entire makeup of the Internet.

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