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AOL Tech helps you decide which of two words you should use


Here's something that I do all the time: when I want to know how to use a certain word or phrase, I just google it. And when I'm trying to decide on one of two options, I just google them both and see which one is more common, or how it works in a sentence. I use it a lot when I translate ("do people really say that?"), but I also use it when I just write in English.

And now, lets me do the exact same thing, but I can do it in style (or is it "with style"? Exactly!) and a great deal faster. So, I just type the words "in style" in the top text box, and then I type "with style" in the bottom text box. By the time I'm done typing, I can see that "in style" got 43.4 million hits, while "with style" has only 23.5 million hits. The search is live, and it's super-fast; there's no Enter required. And clearly, "in style" wins.

But maybe I'm not sure, or I want to see how they're really used. I just have to hit the big Contextualize 'em button, and I get a whole bunch of Google results that show the phrases in their natural habitat.

It even works in Hebrew, so I guess it can handle pretty much anything that you throw at it (anything Google can handle, that is). It's very, very useful!

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