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Google Music launches in India, streams Bollywood songs for free

Google Music Search IndiaGoogle has announced the launch of its Music Search service in India. It's under the 'Labs' wing, which means it's an experimental trial for now. It's also restricted to Hindi Bollywood songs, so you won't be listening to Lady Gaga with this service any time soon.

It works in a very similar fashion to Google's US Music Search service: you go to the website and just search for an artist, a song, a movie, an actor or an album. Next to the search results will be Play links which you can click to bring up a small player window and begin streaming the selected item. Streaming is free and unlimited. There is no possibility of downloading tracks.

To make this work, Google partnered with three of the leading Indian music companies, which are the ones that handle the streaming. This also means that if you don't find a specific song, that's because it's not in the databases of any of these companies (yet). Google Music Search India is ad-supported and works even if you're not accessing it from India.

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