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Amazon announces Kindle book lending feature

Well, it's no Amazon Library, but the Kindle e-book platform will soon let users lend books to one another for a limited amount of time. You'll be able to loan out a book for up to 14 days at a time, and you won't be able to read the book while a friend is borrowing it. Not all books will support lending, though. Allowing or blocking lending will be up to the publishers and other rights-holders. Amazon hasn't set a launch date for lending, but it's due out "later this year."

In the meantime, Amazon will be making newspapers and magazines available across Kindle apps on all platforms, not just on Kindle devices. They're starting with iOS devices in the next few weeks, which means Amazon is getting into the iPhone and iPad periodical business. It will be interesting to see whether owners of Apple devices will opt to buy subscriptions and read on the free Kindle app instead of downloading, for example, the brand-new New York Times iPad app. Newspapers and magazines are a definite win for other platforms with Kindle apps, though: Android is getting periodicals right after iOS devices do.

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