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Zune annual subscriptions now available, cheaper than Spotify

I installed Zune for the first time today (wow, it's pretty!) -- but that's not the news! Here's the news: you can now grab a 12-month subscription to Zune for the price of 10 months. It's $150 for the year (a saving of $30!) or £90 if you're from the motherland. Spotify is currently £9.99 per month, with no 12-month option.

This lower price point, when accompanied with the continued roll-out across Europe, means that Zune may soon rule supreme on both sides of the Atlantic. Don't forget that you can download 10 free songs per month with Zune, too! And there's certainly no denying that the Zune desktop app is both more attractive and feature-rich than Spotify's.

I don't know which service currently has more subscribers, nor do I know the specifics on which service has the most tracks available in a given territory -- they both tout 'over 10 million', but I'm sure it varies from country to country. It certainly would be nice if this is the beginning of a price war, though. $15 per month is certainly a good deal, but $10 would be an even better deal.

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