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peggd is a one-trick pony: go to the site, enter a title, type your text, and you're done. You now have a short URL with text that you can share and edit (or have others edit).

The whole thing has a zen garden, forced minimalism feel to it, the kind seen on a lot of Ruby-based projects (I bet this thing is a Rails app, but I may be wrong). I happen to like it, but that's really a matter of taste.

The text is formatted using Markdown, which happens to be my method of choice. No account is required, and the About page says it's because "you're a person, not a rich vein of data to mine." You can also embed videos and images, but I didn't test this because it's not readily accessible to the average user at this point. uses HTML5 local storage for saving your text as you type; that means that on my aging Firefox 3.6.8, it was really slow. But as long as you use a bleeding-edge browser, you should be fine.

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