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Firefox 4 edges out Chrome in SunSpider test

You may not be checking in on all that often. You may even have not known it existed until just now. Whatever the case may be, there's a very good reason to pay attention to Mozilla's Firefox 4 performance gauge.

In tonight's test run, Firefox's SpiderMonkey and the JIT tandem of JägerMonkey and TraceMonkey finally beat Google Chrome's V8 engine in a SunSpider benchmark showdown. If you take a look at the current chart, you'll see that Firefox has is even getting close on Google's own V8 benchmark -- cutting its time in half over the last two months.

I've been impressed over the last couple of days with the feel of speed in the latest Minefield builds and I didn't really need to see Mozilla's chart to know what was happening -- but it definitely provides confirmation. If you haven't tried a nightly build of Firefox 4 in a while and found yourself poo-pooing its JavaScript performance last time, you really should give it another go.

[via Asa Dotzler]

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