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HP ad gives webOS some ePrint love

HP ePrint Palm PreHP has launched a commercial that details the benefits of its ePrint 'cloud' printing solution while demoing it on a webOS-running Palm Pre. That's pretty much to be expected, since HP does now own Palm after all, but what's a bit funny is that there's no 'magical' voodoo going on behind the scenes here between the webOS phone and the printer as the ad implies.

HP's ePrint tech relies on connecting your printer to the internet (obviously). What it does is just assign a unique email address to each individual HP printer. From then on, any pictures or documents emailed to that address get automatically printed. This means that ePrint is supported on any smartphone OS or even non-smartphone platforms that allow emailing photos. It is an interesting idea, but it isn't in any way limited to HP's webOS-powered smartphones.

You can view the ad after the jump.

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