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Bookify is a Web-based tool for making your own portfolio, wedding or cook book

Blurb, the king of self-published coffee table books, has just launched a new Web-based tool: Bookify. The downloadable desktop app Blurb BookSmart still exists -- and it's still the preferred tool for complex book layouts -- but for speed, ease of use and convenience, Bookify is now the thing to use.

The road to glossy, self-published narcissism begins by simply selecting the size and shape of your book. Next, you import some photos. You can either upload them from your PC, or import them directly from Flickr (support for Picasa and Photobucket is missing, for some reason). Then the fun (and hard!) bit begins: layout. I couldn't begin to explain all of the layout options available to you -- there are lots -- but fortunately there's a tutorial tour that walks you through most of it.

Once you're done laying out the book, typing text, designing the cover art and generally playing the role of a perfectionist, ordering your new Blurb book takes just a few clicks. It won't be cheap -- but from the Blurb books that I've seen, you do get what you pay for.

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