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Apple announces Mac App Store

Mac App Store
The idea of a Mac App Store has been bandied about on popular blogs for a while now, but most didn't think Apple would ever go for it. Apple cast all doubts aside today, announcing the Mac App Store at its Back to the Mac event. The Mac App Store launches in 90 days, and it will function much like the iOS app store, where Apple approves apps and takes a cut of sales.

The App Store will get a dedicated desktop application that allows you to browse and buy apps, and even redownload previously-purchased ones. It also functions as a software updater for your purchased apps, much like the App Store on your iPhone. Apple's Software Update on the Mac is useful, but it only works with Apple's own software, so this is a welcome feature. (If you want to update all your Mac apps, not just the ones you buy in the new store, try a third-party solution like AppFresh.)

Steve Jobs has semi-denied that there would be a Mac App Store in the past, but now it seems that he was just denying that Apple would have to approve all software running on any Mac. Apple still controls what goes into the store, but that doesn't stop you from buying or downloading anything you want from the biggest app store of all: the Internet.

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