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The physics of Angry Birds: just how fat is the red bird?

Wired, proving yet again that it strives to cover only the most important and socially conscientious news, has published a couple of stories on the physics of Angry Birds. In the first part, the height of the slingshot and red bird are discussed, while the second part deals with an even stickier question: does the Angry Blue Bird multiply its mass?

Angry Birds, if you're not "with it," is a physics game for iOS, Android, and even Palm's webOS. You load birds into a slingshot and then fling them across the map, hoping to either hit some pigs or cause other objects to squash some pigs. I can't say that the game's questionable physics have kept me awake long into the night, but I'm definitely not surprised that someone, somewhere has decided to write about it. This is the Internet, after all.

It turns out that the red bird is 70cm tall, and a third of the weight of a big boulder. The blue birds are only 1/60th the mass of the red birds -- but when they split into three, their mass grows by 30 times! Mind blowing.

There are a ton of graphs over on Wired if you're really interested. There's even a video!

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