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HP talks webOS 2.0: better browser, Flash support baked in, Skype on the way

HP is gearing up for the release of webOS 2.0, and the new version is packed with updates for Pre and Pixi owners. Apart from rebranding as HP webOS, the most newsworthy changes from an average user's standpoint are the long-awaited arrival of both Flash and Skype.

The updated webOS browser will offer better HTML5 support, and Flash 10.1 beta will be built-in. And yes, Skype is coming to webOS 2.0 -- but only to the Verizon network (cue sad trombone). For users on other carriers, you'll just have to continue waiting patiently -- much like your Android friends did.

Other slick new features include enterprise-friendly VPN support, the Exhibition dock interface, enhanced multitasking with Stacks, and more powerful IM and Facebook apps.

Full details about webOS 2.0 are available from HP
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