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Updated Malicious Software Removal tool lays the smackdown on Zeus botnet

The Zeus botnet has been a rather large black spot on Microsoft's security record for quite a while now. Fortunately, Redmond's crack team of malware specialists delivered a much-needed update to the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) last week, which was capable of uprooting the infection.

Now, they're starting to see early numbers about the effectiveness of MSRT -- based on scans from about 1.4 million systems. Zbot has been removed from nearly 300,000 computers so far, and the infection has been found almost twice as often as the second most common threat, Vundo.

Here's hoping that this means Zbot's credential-stealing days are numbered -- download the updated Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft and make sure your systems aren't infected.

[via Softpedia]

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