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AOL Tech is a very minimal HTML5 photo sharing and gallery creation tool does one thing, and it does it surprisingly well: it shares images. Via the magic of HTML5 -- as long as you're using Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9 -- you can simply drag and drop images into

Other than watch your gallery take shape (here's mine), there isn't much else you can do. You can rename your gallery and change the order of the images ... but that's it. You can't even rename the images -- so unless you rename the files on your hard disk first, you'll be stuck with some rather unsexy image titles.

Still, the galleries look and feel good. You can click through or use the arrow keys. It's also completely anonymous, with no login required -- all you get is an "admin" link and a "view" link. Very minimal indeed. Don't try to share a link to a specific image in a large gallery either -- it loads every image sequentially, so it can take quite some time to get to the linked image!

Looking forward, the developers want to be a sharing platform for all media types -- photo, video, audio, and documents -- but it's still very early days. I also don't see how it can remain free when dealing with such large quantities of data but we'll see!

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