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FluffyApp is like CloudApp for Windows

Mac users everywhere have been singing the praises of a little program called CloudApp (as has our own Matt Heerema). It's a simple app which sits on the menu bar and allow drag-and-drop file uploading complete with an auto-shortened URL for easy sharing. CloudApp can even be set to auto-upload screenshots.

Now, if only there was a version of CloudApp for Windows users...

Enter FluffyApp -- the little cloud in my system tray which brings CloudApp to Windows desktops. Once installed, just drag a file onto the icon, wait for the upload to complete, and then share away! The link to your file is automatically copied to your clipboard. FluffyApp also displays your last five uploads, which allows for quick and painless retrieval of their short URLs.

Like its Mac cousin, FluffyApp can also be configured to auto-upload screenshots and set to launch at startup. About the only thing Fluffy is missing is support for CloudApp's plugins -- but that's not a big deal.

What might be a really big deal is the fact that CloudApp and its short URL service run on a .LY domain. Here's hoping the Libyan government doesn't execute another content-based shutdown and cut off CloudApp at the knees.

Note: You'll still need to register for an account on, since FluffyApp utilizes CloudApp's plumbing.

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