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Why is Android such a failure with women?

Android devices seem to be striking out with the ladies, at least according to one survey. Only 5% of women would consider an Android device as their next phone, says a survey of 78,835 mobile phone customers in the UK. That's compared to 11% of men, more than twice as many. ReadWriteWeb reports that the study, which claims Android is the poster child for how not to market to women, will be presented at London's Droidcon later this month.

An earlier study also found that only a quarter of Android users are women. Does this trend have anything to do with the user interface, the app selection, or the design of the phone itself? Possibly. Of course, it could also be because of macho Droid ad copy that claimed the Droid isn't a pretty princess phone like the iPhone. Seriously, Droid marketing team, could you be any more condescending?

We'd love to hear some reader opinions on this, especially from a female perspective. Android users, what sold you on your Android device? Users of other smartphones: why not Android?

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