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Livescribe now integrates with Evernote

Livescribe -- that awesome pen which magically digitizes your handwriting -- can now sync directly with Evernote. For now you'll need Livescribe Desktop for Windows to use this feature, but the updated Mac OS X version should be available next week.

The integration is, as you'd expect from two very smooth services, seamless. Write your notes as usual, connect your pen to your computer, and then watch as your notes are automatically uploaded to Evernote. Once in the cloud, Evernote uses handwriting recognition so that your notes are fully searchable. Yes, you can finally Ctrl+F through handwritten notes. I think I'm in heaven.

Unfortunately, I don't own a Livescribe pen, so I can't confirm whether the handwriting recognition works as publicized. Never mind the fact that I stopped handwriting about 10 years ago, and as such the muscles in my hand have almost completely atrophied...

[via Hacker News]

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