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Google launches In-Page Analytics

Google In-Page Analytics screenshot

Google's Analytics service is a very useful tool for webmasters to track what their visitors are doing on their sites and what they're clicking on. However, up until now there was no good way to visualize how visitors navigate on a website. Analytics reports do contain a lot of data, but making sense of all the different elements of a page that are referenced in them can be a pain.

To address such issues, Google has launched a new beta feature for Analytics called In-Page Analytics, which superimposes your Analytics data over your website as you browse through it. This tremendously improves understanding of Analytics data and of your visitors' usage patterns.

In-Page Analytics is already available for all Analytics users who have English as their language. Being a beta means that there's a chance that not everything will work smoothly, but Google engineers are working on improving it.

There's a demo video waiting for you after the jump and you can find out more about In-Page Analytics by going to Google's Help Center here.

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