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Google Chrome's about:labs becoming about:flags, kill switch added

Just days ago, I wrote about an upcoming change Google had planned for the about:labs page. The goal: to make the page less inviting and clarify the fact that experimental features listed on the page could very well cause users problems.

Today, the change has landed in Chromium and will no doubt be pushed to Canary shortly. Now called about:flags, the page sports the trefoil (internationally recognized as a warning against radiation) and a bigger, scarier warning. "Please proceed with caution," the intro concludes.

In addition to the name change and new cautionary text, a command line switch has been added to allow users to launch Chrome with all previously-enabled experimental features disabled: --no-experiments. Should you happen to encounter problems browsing after enabling a feature or two, simply add the switch to your launch command and you're back to the stock set of Chrome features.

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