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CloudApp goes freemium, offers unlimited uploads for a few dollars per month

CloudApp freemium screenshot

CloudApp has gotten onto the freemium bandwagon. The basic service will be free, while premium features will cost you 4€ (that's about $5.7) each month.

Here's what you get for free: uploading of a maximum of 10 files per day, maximum file size of 25MB, and files expire after three months. There are, perhaps surprisingly, no ads in the free version (supposedly they expect the Pro accounts to pay for the business just fine).

The Pro account gives you: unlimited file uploads each day, a maximum file size of 250MB, files that never expire and you can use your own domain name for generating short URLs for the files.

Both plans include unlimited bookmarks, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

In case you forgot, CloudApp is a nifty service for Macs that ties your desktop to 'the cloud'. It gives you a menubar shortcut to which you can drag and drop files. These then get immediately uploaded to the cloud and get assigned a short URL that is automatically copied to your clipboard for easy sharing. You can also define a hotkey that when pressed will trigger an upload, or print to CloudApp from any application on your Mac.

[via Macstories]

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