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Switched over to Google Apps? Star in the next 'Go Google' ad campaign

Last year, big G launched its 'Go Google' ad campaign promoting its Google Apps service to both individuals and businesses. Using a community map, tweets, and photos, people around the world shared their Google Apps stories (sounds riveting).

Over the year, the Google Apps user base has grown from two to three million businesses, servicing more than 30 million users. To continue the upward trend, this year Google's looking to feature 15 companies or schools across three regions -- the Americas, EMEA (that's Europe, Middle East, and Africa), and Asia-Pacific -- in its latest marketing campaign. Winning applicants will be featured on billboards in airports and train stations across 11 major cities world-wide, which could be an excellent way to help publicize your business or school.

To get involved, all you need to do is take Google's ad template, create your own version, and write into Google with your 'Gone Google' story. Bonus points are apparently awarded for tweeting it out with the hashtag #gonegoogle, and if you're stuck, Google's listed some of their previous efforts online. If you're a business or school and want your name on billboards across the globe, you can check out the competition details here.

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