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Opera 11 will feature standards-based extensions

Opera has a legion of very devoted users. And one feature that those users have been waiting patiently for, version after version, is extension support.

Sure, Opera is crazy customizable and has loads of built-in functionality that other browsers don't, but simple add-ons like the ones we write about for Firefox and Chrome just haven't been part of the mix. That's all about to change in Opera 11, however.

According to a post on the Opera blog, Opera 11 will finally offer an extension system. The first cut will offer APIs for interacting with certain bits of the Opera 11 UI , tab and window functions, callouts, and injectable JavaScript. Opera will base their extensions system upon the W3 Widget specs -- not surprising, given Opera's history of standards support.

The Opera 11 alpha download isn't available yet, but you'll be able to get it at once it's ready.

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