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Disc-free Netflix hits the PS3 next week, with 1080p and surround sound support

Netflix on the PlayStation 3 is finally going disc-free, with a native app due out Monday, October 18. The app will be added to the PS3's XrossMediaBar, and it features a revamped user interface, 1080p resolution, and Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound support. The new app will also offer additional subtitled content from the Netflix streaming library.

With this update, the PS3 will become a pretty decent home theater setup in a box. Now all you need is an enormous TV and some decent speakers. Just in case you don't believe this news, it's been confirmed with two official announcements: one from Sony and one joint announcement from Netflix and Dolby. Netflix also said it plans to bring Dolby surround sound to its other platforms, but it failed to offer a schedule or name the specific platforms.

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