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Microsoft bringing Zune app, Windows Phone 7 sync to Mac

News of Microsoft bringing new apps to any of Apple's platforms always seems to be met with raised eyebrows, but with Redmond's determination to make Windows Phone 7 a much more compelling experience than its mobile predecessors this particular news shouldn't come as a surprise: WP7 device sync is coming to Mac.

You'll even be able to use the new-and-improved Zune desktop app to manage music, photos, and videos on your WP7 device. If you haven't tried it out, Zune 4.7 for Windows is packed with eye candy and much more fun to use than iTunes. There's no additional codec, browser, or random utility bloat packaged with the Zune download, either.

Anyone want to start a pool as to how many Mac owners buy a WP7 phone and install Zune to manage it?

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