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LoveFilm to bring Netflix-like video-on-demand to PlayStation 3 owners in the UK

We heard rumors earlier this week, but now it's official - LoveFilm, like its US counterpart Netflix, is taking its online streaming into UK living rooms via the PS3. This is big news for the UK's largest movie rental service and great news for British PS3 owners, who up until now, have been stuck with pricey PlayStation Store media rentals.

Details are a bit thin on the ground at the moment; we don't know whether this is HD or SD streaming, for instance, but what we do know is it's coming in November. LoveFilm subscribers on a package costing at least £5.99 a month will get the service included, and you'll also be able to manage your traditional disc queue, rate movies and view trailers, all from the comfort of your PS3.

LoveFilm have produced a run through video, which we've included after the break.

Update: Electricpig have word from LoveFilm themselves that it's only SD streaming and that it should be available before year end. Let's just hope this is only the start.

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