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A gallery of high-res Windows Phone 7 app screenshots

While I wasn't one of the handful of Chosen Ones to attend the Windows Phone 7 launch in London yesterday, I have been lucky enough to get my hands on some lovely screenshots of WP7 apps.

So far, most major websites have only run photos-of-handsets, complete with skewed angles and glaring reflections. With these images, you can see what the interface of some big-name apps really look like -- and I dare say they look rather sexy.

Ironically, because of the "scrollable landscape," it's quite hard to imagine what it's like to actually use these apps. You can only see a tiny portion of each app in these screenshots. I hope there's a more graceful solution for when we start writing app reviews -- perhaps we can cut and paste a few shots together, to create a big panoramic landscape...

My dry, witty commentary accompanies each of the images in the gallery. Either click an image below to begin, or use this high-res link.

A gallery of high-res Windows Phone 7 app screenshots

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