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MotoDiary is a cross-device encrypted personal journal


In the words of MotoDiary's creator, a blog is not a journal. Sometimes you need a secure, quiet location to jot down your notes.

MotoDiary is an attempt to provide you with just such a place. It's HTML5-powered, but it feels very minimalistic – even austere. Your notes are encrypted locally using your browser's power (even if you're writing from a mobile device), and then uploaded to the server.

There isn't any sort of advertising at this point; the creator says he tried to replicate the blankness of pen and paper as best as he could, and as you can see in the screenshot, it is indeed quite plain.

A large part of the appeal here is how cross-browser it is. It doesn't work with Firefox 3.6x, but it does work with Chrome and Safari, so you can start a note on your commute home using your mobile device, and complete it later from the PC at home.

Sadly, one thing which did not work well for me is right-to-left text entry; Android's native support for RTL is quite decent, but somehow this application didn't play nice when I tried writing Hebrew. The screen scrolled all the way to the right, but my text was entered at the left side (incorrectly). So I couldn't actually see what I was writing.

As long as your language of choice flows from left to right, though, MotoDiary is a viable option to check out.

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