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Zork for Kindle makes e-paper a next-gen gaming platform


The Register made a significant journalistic discovery this morning: Zork for Kindle!

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like, and I tested it on my own Kindle 3 (which you see pictured above). Zork is a text-based adventure which is ideally suited to this medium, but I'm afraid to say the experience is not perfect. The game itself is a classic, and the service offers the entire series (not just the original Zork). They've also implemented a login system so you can easily pick up where you left off.

On my own Kindle, however, I often had to hit ENTER twice to get a command to execute. Also, the screen blanked out at least once while I was playing. It was resolved once I hit ENTER again, but was still confusing. I suspect that these problems are mainly due to the Kindle's "experimental" browser, which is a euphemism for "crappy."

I've also had a small issue with the font size – I enjoy large fonts, and the text seemed a bit on the small side for me to really comfortably read for a long time. Too bad it can't be customized.

Notwithstanding those issues, Zork on the Kindle is a fantastic idea – one that I hope will be made into a Kindle app some day.

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